Pioneer One — S01E01

Pioneer One is an original series debuting exclusively online through VODO, in partnership with FrostWire, uTorrent, Limewire, The Pirate Bay and other valued members of our unique DISCO (Distribution Coalition). Show creators Josh Bernard and Bracey Smith are following their success with The Lionshare to bring a high quality product to audiences without traditional television -- a “TV series without the TV.

In Guantanamo, A David Miller Film

David Miller's quiet, powerful film is the result of three days the filmmaker spent touring the camps in May 2008 as part of a small group of media representatives allowed there. Although the event was presented as a chance to 'see inside' the working of Guantanamo, it was in fact a carefully staged PR exercise designed to yield predictable, stale, controlled media images.

General Fuzz

Soulful trip-hop, ambient, electronica of professional positive mood comes to you at no price but for the pure enjoyment of your time, ears and mind all thanks to General Fuzz. Download the 5 free albums available under Creative Commons.