General Fuzz is a wonderful electronic musician/composer that came to our ears thanks to the recommendation of captzutter from the FrostWire forums.

He’s made available 5 albums under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License, which have been created during the last 9 years, listening to all of them will give you an idea of the evolution of this artist and of the technology used throughout the years.

From the quality of the music you can tell that there’s a lot of effort and attention to detail, that must be the reason why General Fuzz mentions that “a ridiculous amount of time goes into each track”, whatever the case I must mention there’s something very positive about this music so I guess a lot of soul and love goes into it as well

I will certainly listen to it while I work, while I walk with my iPod, and will use it for sure as the background of some non-commercial video tutorials I plan to put together soon, thanks to the wise choice of General Fuzz to put his work under Creative Commons.

Who is General Fuzz
From his website:

James Kirsch (or JimmyK) grew up in Newton, MA, playing classical piano and absorbing everything from Suzanne Ciani to Metallica. He attended Oberlin college in Ohio, hoping to further his musical horizons at their prestigious conservatory. Disillusioned by the competitive nature of their classical music program, he stumbled upon the electronic music program (TIMARA) in the conservatory basement and never looked at sheet music again. This coupled with discovering the magic of Orbital and jamming in bands widened his musical appetites immensely. The arrival of software which virtualized an electronic music studio was cleverly aligned with his ejection into the “real world” of San Francisco. Unsatisfied with the popular consensus that electronic music = techno, General Fuzz was born. Hatched, really.

Why make such great music available freely?

Why is the music freely available? Well, growing up, there was no internet. There was also no inexpensive insanely powerful software which emulates a million+ dollar electronic music studio. These two elements allow me to compose music AND distribute it globally without making me destitute, which is fabulous. I know in my heart that this music will really resonate with a few people out there, and I want to maximize the probability for that to occur. So if you enjoy my music, please pass on the website. I do spend a ridiculous amount of time and a fair bit of money on my art. Donations are always gratefully accepted.

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