Alicia Gwynn, CEO of Gwynndustries, said that her late husband Tony Gwynn always encouraged her to follow her passion for singing, and it’s good thing for us. Not only does Gwynn have the vocal chops, but her songs are genuine and have that feel good, uplifting element without coming off as preachy or saccharine.

Together gives you a sampling of the kind of songs included in the album. The self-explanatory title and the lyrics are applicable to lovers and friends through good times and bad. I Am features rapper Daniel Lee Curtis and has a more upbeat tempo with emphasis on self empowerment and breaking through.

Just Believe features another solid performance by Gwynn, while Love Give Love is a duet with Blaq Thompson, and it’s got a nice R&B groove about brothers and sisters pulling together. The song Meant to Be shows Gwynn can do dance music just as well. The song has a rhythmic beat not unlike classic 90s dance music, and the same can be said for Only Me which is one of the most danceable tracks here.

Few songs in the album are as uplifting lyrically as Up Up, while Dance with Me has a smooth, R&B atmosphere that celebrates the good life. Just leave your problems behind and have fun, the song goes and it’s a dandy.

Say Yeah speaks to the strong woman, and No Place I’d Rather Be combines Gwynn’s vocals with powerful beats for a true dance pop tune that gets you moving. With a combination of pop, dance and feel good lyrics, these songs are easy on the ears, and with lyrics that serve as food for the soul.

Favorite Tracks
Love Give Love
Meant to Be
Dance with Me

Track List
1. Together 4:02
2. I Am ft. Daniel Lee 3:06
3. Just Believe 2:01
4. Love Give Love ft. Blaq Thompson 3:33
5. Meant to Be 3:07
6. Only Me 3:07
7. Dance with Me Mix 3:10
8. Up Up 2:52
9. Say Yeah 3:29
10. No Place I’d Rather Be 3:10

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