John Graham: Magic: Blanc et Noir

After his highly successful release, Success in Retrograde, which was downloaded by nearly 170,000 people on FrostClick/FrostWire alone, John Graham is at it again. This time he decided to go an extra mile and release his most intriguing work to date. Magic: Blanc et Noir brings you 14 content heavy tracks with lyrics and energy that will get you hooked in no time. To make things even better John added few surprises, so now in addition to some great sounds you can expect a digital booklet with linear notes, lyrics, and more than unique artwork.

Devyn Rose: D.E.V.Y.N EP

Whipping out a fresh sound that’s equal parts sexy and catchy, newcomer Devyn Rose is looking to claim a piece of the R&B pop princess pie. From the sound of her debut record, this doesn’t seem far fetched. D.E.V.Y.N combines sultry dance club numbers along with some slow and beautiful tracks. And now we are more than excited to have her here with us over at FrostClick and FrostWire

Manther: Manther

Is there anything better than old school beats transformed into modern day awesomeness? Yes, some of the tracks on this one great release might take you straight back to the 80s, but believe me, in some strange way Manther has done an outstanding job in bringing the funky sounds all the way to 21st century. The group composed of Erich McVey, Mitch Morris and Kevan Hanson, has created its own world "where neon is the new black, tank tops are formal wear, and flip up sunglasses are standard issue," so of course we are more than happy to have them here!

John Graham: Success In Retrograde

One exciting hip hop artist to watch out for, John Graham rolls out licks and rhymes that create a different kind of hip hop. He doesn't only have that rare talent but he's also bringing hip hop back to its roots while also incorporating a positive vibe. The man behind Ego Free Productions, John runs the company along with his partner, Amir. According to the singer, the company name was appropriate for the singer's brand of sound since he provides music that's "filled with positive messages meant to inspire growth and insight change." Success in Retrogade EP is an amazing record complete with 7 tracks. Each song carries a special message that you won't normally expect or associate with the hip hop genre.