Do you know what’s better than a ‘ménage à trois’? A Ménage Quad! And even yet – Ménage Quad featured on FrostWire!

Composed of four members (duh), the band has crafted an entirely new genre that only they can perform right, for now: a smooth blend of electro-pop, swing, and hip-hop that’s more fizzy than your can of coke.

Swing Soirée is their debut album after releasing their self-titled EP earlier this year (also another debut). Basically, this one’s an extended version of the latter, which very well extends the party as well.

The opening track “True” sounds like an interesting fodder for the latest The Great Gatsby adaptation, but the notion is soon scratched out as the dancey “Off The Wall” kicked in, turning this party into a 90s fusion romp.

Play Dat Soul” and “1, 2, Skadoo“, at best, are sure to give you a helluva good time, as they’re sure to set the stage for some chill gathering, while the “Eléfant Supernova” and the succeeding number “Real Swing Shet” lean towards a more modern production, adding a bit of flair as well. (As if it wasn’t enough.)

We’d love to join in this rhythmic coital!
Track listing:
1. True (Intro)
2. Off The Wall (Album Version)
3. Sugar
4. Play Dat Soul
5. 1, 2, Skadoo
6. How Sweet It Is (Interlude)
7. Somethin’ For Ya
8. Lose The Box
9. Good Thing
10. Eléfant Supernova
11. Real Swing Shet

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