Is there anything better than old school beats transformed into modern day awesomeness? Yes, some of the tracks on this release might take you straight back to the 80s, but believe me, in some strange way Manther has done an outstanding job in bringing the funky sounds all the way to 21st century.

The group composed of Erich McVey, Mitch Morris and Kevan Hanson, has created its own world “where neon is the new black, tank tops are formal wear, and flip up sunglasses are standard issue,” so of course we are more than happy to have them here!

As stated in their bio the boys have been keeping the 80s fresh for the past three years “with an electronic hip-hop sound that can be likened to Gorillaz, Ratatat, MGMT and Kid Cudi.”

Their music will move you, on the dance floor that is… and this is exactly what you get from the very beginning. Nerdy Girl, one of my definite favorites, is one of those tracks that might leave you a little bit puzzled at first, but don’t worry because soon you will find yourself humming it for the rest of the week; and if you are deciding if you want to go out tonight, well, after listening to this one you will definitely feel like dancing.

When it comes to the rest of the tracks be prepared for quite a ride. Starting off with a short lo-fi intro, 1985 quickly changes into one candy filled with powerful synths, catchy lyrics, and sprinkles of piano melodies that will take you back to the days long before 80s themselves. Following 1985, be sure to stop and take in a bit of Freak This Beat, another great song that hopefully will soon be played in all of the clubs near you.

But among all the powerful and loud tracks the boys also show their, well a little bit more softer side. Missing The Supersonics brings in a little bit of a melancholy to the mix. The track is a kind of a tribute to Sonics (an American professional basketball team based in Seattle, Washington that played in the Pacific and Northwest Divisions of the National Basketball Association from 1967 until 2008) and a little call to get them back as the team left the state in 2008 and since then have relocated to Oklahoma City.

Overall Manther is certainly a breath of fresh air that everyone should inhale. The release is licensed under a Creative Commons license so get ready to share!

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