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Map My Walk

Walk with Map My Walk is a fitness and lifestyle app. Developed by MapMyFitness it maps your route so you know where you’re headed and where you have been. The app has 70 million miles available, and you can even make some your own. However, there’s more to the app than that.


Nextdoor is a social network app for the iOS, but with a twist. Rather than connect you with people all over the world you don’t even know, the app provides you with the means to get in touch with your neighbors and community. In other words, it’s the only app you’ll need to remain in contact with your friends in the block.


Timehop is a free social app that allows you to relive the best moments you have with your social network buddies. By using this free app you’ll be able to recall exactly what you were doing months or even years back. In short, this app is going to bring together all your old social network posts and photos, so going back in time is now possible.


Badoo is a social networking app and a social site, but it’s not a Facebook clone, far from it. In fact it is the opposite. While Facebook is a network of your pals, Badoo is the network for people who have yet to become your friends. In short, it’s a site and app for connecting you with people you don’t know. But it’s not just for dating.


Brewster is a free address book app that makes it easy for you to better manage your contacts in social media sites like LinkedIn, Gmail and Facebook among others. Developed by Brewster Inc., the app provides you with an straightforward way to merge those contacts and manage them.