Airbnb is an app designed to make traveling much easier and convenient for travelers and their hosts. It provides information about some of the most fascinating places around the world, and can help you make some additional money off of your available space. The app currently has more than 600,000 active listings in over 35,000 cities around the world making for one great selection and a possible adventure in the making.

In addition to listing your property or helping you find that amazing new accommodation for your next trip, Airbnb also lets you explore various destinations and add locations to your virtual wish list. If you’re a traveler you’ll have no trouble finding a place to stay with more than 35,000 cities, and you can use the app to find rooms for rent and book online directly.

Airbnb also supports last minute accommodation searches, and you’ll be able to send messages to your host anytime.

The app also makes it easy to access your complete itinerary and receive complete listing directions. Airbnb provides options for exploring well known properties, apartments and vacation spots and share the experience with your friends.

If you’re a host, Airbnb allows you to manage listings, get in touch with potential guests and you can have your open space listed on mobile. The app also offers you an opportunity to get in touch with possible guests before accepting them. With Airbnb you can accept, pre-approve or decline on the fly. In addition, you can respond to inquiries and messages easily and prepare a to-do list as well. Finally, Airbnb has a Hospitality Standards so you can know what guests expect.

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