Basketball Kings

Basketball Kings from Mobile Craft is a game for basketball fanatics, and if you have ever felt the urge to hit big game winning shots like LeBron James, then Basketball Kings is just the game for you. It’s got plenty of action and it’s very addictive.

Football Heroes

Football Heroes is an arcade style game that was specially developed for use on touchscreen devices like the iPhone and iPad. Unlike simulated football which is hard to play, developer Run Games has made this easier to learn with modern controls, making it a good choice for casual gamers.

3D Boat Race

3D Boat Race is a free racing game from A Trillion Games, but it’s more than just an ordinary racer as you can customize your ride before racing in one hundred tracks. Not only are there numerous tracks, but there are multiple modes as well and you can challenge other players via the leaderboard as well.

BIG WIN Basketball

Big Win Basketball is the latest offering from Hothead Games, and this time you’ll be forming your own dream team and go up against other players around the world. Hothead has released other games like this before, and this is one of their best efforts yet. With the various card packs available, you’ll be able to assemble a winning team in no time.

NBA Rush

NBA Rush from RenRen Games provides a different look and feel for the endless runner genre. This time around Earth is under threat of an alien invasion and it is up to your favorite NBA players to save mankind. What all this means is you have to doge, jump, run and dunk on the aliens. It sounds like a lot of fun and it is.

Head Soccer

Head Soccer, published by D&D Dream Corp, is a fun game where you have to beat your opponent by using fancy strikes. This isn’t your typical soccer game, but the changes that have been implemented here make it easier and more enjoyable for casual gamers.


Krashlander is one of the most challenging snowboarding games available today. Published by Farseer Games, the game is physics based, so you can’t jump around like you would in other games. This makes it very challenging but at the same time quite enjoyable.

Extreme Bike Trip

Extreme Bike Trip from Roofdog Games doesn’t exactly revolutionize bike racing on the iOS and Android, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is one of the most enjoyable games available, as this turn based multiplayer sim is very addictive. The engaging gameplay and graphics will have you coming back for more.


Fifa 14 by Electronic Arts is the free to play version of the game for Android and the iOS. And even though it is free the major components of the core football simulation as found in the other versions are all here. Unlike other free to play games that force you to pay to get extra features, this one doesn’t.