Some songs are full of despair and darkness, while others like the EP of Quentin Hannappe are brimming with hope and inspiration. The album has 5 tracks, and while reggae is nothing new obviously, Quentin has imbued his own unique style and approach to the genre. These songs may have simple arrangements, but hidden beneath each one are emotions and lyrical depth that add layers of meaning and enhances listening pleasure.

I Wanna Be sets the tone for the album, with the guitars and Quentin’s voice invoking lazy summer afternoons with friends.The song has a chill out atmosphere and comes with lines that you can chew on. Essentially the song is telling you to keep going despite the challenges along the way. Raise Your Voice has a funky groove that really makes you feel good. The beat and rhythm are further enhanced by words like We have faith in our dreams and direction / You know we going upstream and cross the ocean.

The World is Yours is a powerful, emotional song that means literally what it says. Hear this sound, you’re not alone / Time has come to be strong, with the strings and tempo perfect for driving or when you’re traveling. With Go Away the centerpiece are the motivational lyrics that asks you to stop and think about what you want in life. Serious stuff yes, but the complexity is set in an infectious tone that you’ll enjoy.

The final track is Keep On, and as you listen to the guitar strings and Quentin’s voice, the lyrics become crystal clear. You can enjoy the song for its catchy tempo, but the lyrics are really the focal point as it speaks to us and our dreams. For lovers of reggae and feel good music this is one that shouldn’t be missed.

Favorite Tracks
I Wanna Be (Remastered)
Raise Your Voice

Track List
1. I Wanna Be (Remastered) 2:33
2. Raise Your Voice 3:01
3. The World is Yours 3:05
4. Go Away 2:58
5. Keep On 3:09

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