Bam Bam: Bam Bam

The self-titled 26 minute EP by Bam Bam is a bit of a thrill to listen to. It sounds like they went into the studio with every trick they had and spared nothing. While Brian Wilson need not worry about losing his throne, this collection of power pop ditties turns how to be immensely creative and listenable. The lyrics are in Spanish yet it is not a problem since it is the infectious spirit and likability of this band that carry the session. “Oro Flash” is the highlight of the set with its slightly psychedelic leanings mixed with enthusiastic vocals but I also enjoyed the Animal Collective sounding “Hi-Q” and the lively “Sin Las Patas Traseras”. No, it’s not Pet Sounds (what is?) but it’s Bam Bam and that’s good enough for a party.