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Show Me A Dinosaur

Though the band's name and the pretty album-cover artwork may be deceiving, Show Me A Dinosaur are a black metal group from Russia, and their latest self-titled... Read More

Adveniat Hiems’ “Loki” – a free metal EP

Adveniat Hiems is an ambient black metal band that dishes out short concept albums inspired by northern mythology and folktales. “Loki,” Adveniat Hiems’ new EP, is named after a shapeshifter in Norse myths. The group is with the net label Ekleipsi. They are not as loud and “noisy” as other metal groups, and they do not blow off my eardrums. I think they are quite merciful despite an anagram of their name, invade atheism. I actually like the fiery combination of their drums and guitars. What I really like about Adveniat Hiems, though, is their choice to stick to concepts that are close to me – myths and legends.