Tyler Walker: Spacefaring Male

Spacefaring Male, an album produced and mixed by Tyler Walker, is the marriage in music by sophisticated jazz and funky geek sounds. There is undeniable harmony in this union although there are a few off (tolerable) moments every now and then. The image in the album cover says it all: a man with a glass of olive cocktail and suited up for the outer space. It’s not a mix that you see daily, but it’s interesting enough for you to take a look and check.

Andrew Lawrence Jackson: The Last Romantic

Andrew Lawrence Jackson’s "The Last Romantic" conveys quiet but subtly strong provocative emotions through the words and melody of each track. Not that Jackson has become predictable, but this album has all his usual overarching themes of life, love, and dreams. And then Jackson uses his own good vocals as a bonus element. The influence of the 80's electro beats is apparent in the album, as much as Jackson’s distinctive way of neatly expressing an otherwise messy pile up of thoughts and emotions in one’s over-analytical romantic head. Standouts in this album are “Your Dreams,” “Return To Love,” and “The Last Romantic” for its haunting melodies that linger in the air long after the song is over. That Jackson can put up a one-man show as singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist brings out the best in each track as he knows which instruments best highlight the subtle points of each song.

MixGalaxy Records: Music For The Weird Clerkfish

Music for the Weird Clerkfish is a diverse collection of generally light and funky lounge music from various international artists. Mixgalaxy Records brought together brilliant acts for this compilation: IMDB listed old-school hip-hop artist Brandon K. Montoya aka Coruscate, Bear & Lampshade, Brazilian pop-singer Yokandesh, vocalist Gizella from the UK and Spanish multi-instrumentalist Raul Diaz Palomar aka Taker 51. This compilation is a well-balanced mix of ambient, hip-hop, lounge, smooth jazz, electronica, and upbeat danceable music that is perfect for a casual laid back mood.

K. Sparks – The Trilogy Chapter 1: The Collabs

K. Sparks has made quite a positive reputation among the hip-hop enthusiasts in the FrostClick community. Early last year, his previous work “Definition” received such a warm response that translated to 25,000 downloads within days from the launching date. Needless to say that his supporters have been waiting for his latest work, THE TRILOGY CHAPTER 1: THE COLLABS. K. Sparks has teamed up with DJ and Mixtape Assassin for this brilliant work.

Noon by Gareth Dickson – Creative Commons Music – ONE SONG :(

Scotland-born Gareth Dickson is a talented guitarist who has toured with Vashti Bunyan to lend his excellent guitar artistry to her concerts. He has also worked with brilliant artists Juana Molina and Max Richter, and performed in magnificent venues all over the world. Gareth’s music is influenced by Aphex Twin and Brian Eno as by acoustic guitarists such as Bert Jansch and Nick Drake.

Moonboy – An Animated Short Film

Moonboy is a short film by Adam Calfee. It is about a young boy who has gotten all fed up with what the television has to offer. “There has got to be more to life than this,” he seems to be thinking, while channel surfing and catching one lame TV commercial after another. What does he do? He aims for the moon! The creative design of Moonboy is simply awe-inspiring. The film boasts of amazing colors to contrast the deceptively simple illustrations. It also makes good use of subtle elements like shadows and natural facial expressions that make each frame very creative and playful in spite of the darkness in the young boy’s thoughts. I particularly like how the moon looks so magnificent and real, although the stars could use a little more playfulness. For instance, the night sky could have looked even more astounding with the hint of a nebula. But overall, the short film is already a visual feast as it is.

Karbidangeln Mit Aurica – Glacial Series

Glacial Series by Karbidangeln Mit Aurica is a combination of creatively powerful beats and soothing vocals. All of the tracks in Glacial Series were written and produced by Berlin-based Aurica Kurtuschin, who also lent her beautiful voice to complete this collection. Aurica’s netlabel Electrolyt describes the album tracks as, “the finest living room electronica with elements of synth pop, drone and industrial, as well as ambient, post-punk and experimental.”

“Small Penis” – a short film by Stian Hafstad

A graduation film by a group of students led by writer Stian Hafstad, “Small Penis” briefly chronicles the story of Daniel who has huge insecurities about the size of his penis. Produced with a budget of US$400-500 and filmed in only five days in Bergen, Norway, this amusing short film is very well written, shot and composed of surprisingly good, convincing actors. For a film title, “Small Penis” gives a lot, despite its size. Different folks will have different reactions, naturally. Some will be quickly amused, others displeased, and others, stoked.

Mezzamo’s “Aloneluna” – indie pop/new wave release from Synthematik

If you feel like drifting off to somewhere relaxing and fun, you can count on the music of Mezzamo to take you there. Mezzamo, the best newcomer of the International Indie Festival Stereoleto in 2009, is one of the freshest and favored new wave/indie pop groups in Russia. Their creatively compelling video clips appear on various Russian alternative TV channels. The group was launched in 2006. They have released a Russian-language album called 'Mnogotochie' and an English-language single 'Everything You, which were both well-received internationally. Working the vocals that makes you feel so light and buoyant is the wonderful Shura Zhuravleva.