Cerberus Shoal

Dilly Dilly: Of Art and Intention

The voice and face behind Dilly Dilly is actually Erin Olivia Davidson. This talented artist hails from Maine and is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist as well as vocalist. Of Art and Intention is the first full length compilation for the artist and comprises of weird instruments, indie pop beats and Dilly Dilly's ukulele. The sound is eclectic but happy; definitely perfect for a goofy and quirky day. Throughout her musical career, Erin has played in countless bands, both as a musician and collaborator. She released her EP, akidleadivy, and took up the moniker, Dilly Dilly. It was released somewhere between 2005-2006 after Erin's hiatus with her band Cerberus Shoal. Currently, Dilly Dilly has released this debut by experimenting with various instruments as well as using a MIDI. The result is a cute and fun album that's poised to be the soundtrack to plenty of happy times.