general public license

Frozen Bubble

Looking for a simple shooter game that runs on your Linux? Then why not go for Frozen Bubble. It's a colorful and simple bubble shooting game where you shoot colored bubbles. Successfully group together certain colored bubbles and they pop into oblivion. Keep messing up and pretty soon your screen fills up with bubbles and it's game over. The game was developed by Glenn Sanson and features a General Public License.


KToon is an efficient 2D animation program that was created by animators designed for use by fellow animators. However, unlike most animation programs, this is entirely offered under a GPL license so aspiring animators can make use of it for free. The animation tool is still a work in progress so bug fixes and new versions are still being developed. Nevertheless, it already works great for creating your very own 2D animation project.


Some of us just love to be challenged and a quick puzzle game could do the trick. Enigma is a transport puzzle game that will definitely help exercise those brain cells and get them going. The game was based on another game, Oxyd. In Enigma, your goal is to uncover identical colored Oxyd stones while trying to overcome puzzles, laser beams and countless mazes on your way.