Hothead Games

Kill Shot

Kill Shot is one of the better shooters for the Android and iOS available free today. Developed by Hothead Games, you play the role of a special covert ops soldier who has to undergo dangerous missions and military operations. However, you’ll be in good position to do since you’ll be armed.

BIG WIN Basketball

Big Win Basketball is the latest offering from Hothead Games, and this time you’ll be forming your own dream team and go up against other players around the world. Hothead has released other games like this before, and this is one of their best efforts yet. With the various card packs available, you’ll be able to assemble a winning team in no time.

Big Win Racing

Big Win Racing from publisher HotHead Games is a racing game for the iOS and Android that allows you to build your own custom car and race in it. Within the game you can not only have your own ride, but it can be upgraded as well. Boasting of smooth gameplay, superior sound and graphics, Big Win Racing can be an addictive game indeed.

Rivals At War: 2084

Rivals at War 2084 from publisher Hothead Games is a major upgrade over the original Rivals at War, and this one has a sci-fi theme, and the card collecting aspects have been improved too. The game is kind of like collecting baseball cards, but it’s a lot more fun and has a lot more action.