Big Win Racing from publisher HotHead Games is a racing game for the iOS and Android that allows you to build your own custom car and race in it. Within the game you can not only have your own ride, but it can be upgraded as well. Boasting of smooth gameplay, superior sound and graphics, Big Win Racing can be an addictive game indeed.

You start the game with a serviceable car and when you win, you will have the opportunity to get upgrades. And you will need these upgrades because you will soon be competing in faster races with speedy opponents. Whatever car you choose the goal is the same, and that is to make sure that you reach the finish line before anyone else does.

Big Win Racing has several modes, each more exciting than the last. In Championship Mode you have to compete in four cups and win. In addition to this you can also take part in Friends Mode. All you need to do is link up to Facebook and you can then race with your friends. This is certainly one of the best modes in Big Win Racing, as there’s nothing quite like beating your friends.

However that is not all since Big Win Racing also has an Events Mode where you have to race in limited time. Big Win also has a Trophy Mode where you decide how many games to play and then go all out for the victory. The game has some really nice graphics and the controls are easy to grasp as well.

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