Ian Knox: Trilogy

A prolific producer and so much more, Ian Knox is definitely one busy guy. Before devoting his time to producing, he was actually a rapper. In fact, he managed to release two previous albums prior to just going full time as a producer. Currently, he's focusing on production engineering and has come up with this exclusive compilation of beats that's should serve as the perfect ingredient for remixing. Having the capacity to incorporate a lot of different styles, including jumping from electro pop to dub step with ease; it's obvious you're in for a good and smooth ride as you listen to this mix.

Cologne Commons – Second Free Creative Commons Music Compilation

Cologne Commons free music festival opens today in Germany's Rhine. The gathering is to bring many netlabels, musicians, artists, and business developers to the weekend long conference and then a party in Cologne. This compilation is a selection of some of the music featured by Cologne Commons. Make sure to check out their first release here if you will like this one.

Girl Talk: Feed the Animals

Girl Talk is the stage name of musician/mash-up DJ Gregg Gillis and 'Feed the Animals' is his fourth LP he released on Illegal Art. Gillis is very well known for his inspired mixing style - he uses dozens, if not hundreds of samples from different songs, often without the artists' permission, to create a new composition.