Girl Talk is the stage name of musician/mash-up DJ Gregg Gillis and ‘Feed the Animals’ is his fourth LP he released on Illegal Art. Gillis is very well known for his inspired mixing style – he uses dozens, if not hundreds of samples from different songs, often without the artists’ permission, to create a new composition.

This 45 minute pop/hip-hop/soft rock/dance hit/R&B/ (Genius Mix) project is sure to amaze and make you sing and dance! Perfect for a quick bike ride or an energized walk around the city. Make sure to listen to the whole album at once!

‘Feed the Animals’ is available for a legal download on a ‘pay whatever you want’ basis here.

Visit their MySpace page for concert listings.

For a free download from the choose the Feed The Animals album, pick mp3 format and enter $0 in the purchase amount. Then click at checkout. You can of course pay what you want and a lot more than $0!