The compilation is called Cologne Commons, the name honors the city of Cologne/Germany where a bunch of very talented musicians got together to not only create this compilation, but to create a festival around free music

Here’s the list of songs, (our favorite in bold)

01 al magnifico – feierabend (phonocake)
02 motionfield – movements (stadtgruen)
03 tekin kesen – soulcatcher – a capella (haushaltsware)
04 human terminal – earth breath (rec72)
05 audioglider – lens flare sky (foem)
06 phour trakk – bhang lassi (ideology)
07 trickform – between myself (phonocake)
08 professor kliq – plastic and flashing lights (rec72)
09 qi.mono – sternenklar (modularfield)
10 kazooo – tiefenrausch (2063music)
11 björn bommersheim – collecting dust – bastian götz remix (zimmer)
12 wes rock – subraum (musicartistry)
13 dasblauemonster – musterkennung (derkleinegrünewürfel)
14 cie – 10j (broque)
15 nico grubert – thriller (rest)

This compilation was put together by Psycoded

Here’s a Blooplist to showcase our favorite songs from this compilation:

Now what are you waiting for, download it

Suggested Uses of this music

  • Enjoying everyday very loudly
  • Putting your own lyrics and remixing
  • Use as soundtrack for your next YouTube video/short film/movie

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