Death In Texas: We Will Implode EP

Exploding into the scene with a heavy power pop, progressive sound is sometimes enough to get you noticed. Indeed, Death in Texas offers that "look and listen to me" vibe from the very moment that you start up their first song. We Will Implode EP is their first mini compilation. It contains 4 tracks that work great as a sneak preview into their energetic rock/theatre-like sound. The record was released last July 16, 2011 and is the perfect piece to kickstart a good, happy day.

Nude: Love

Nude is a progressive rock band that's not ashamed to play with their tempo, instruments, vocals and mood. Working together for less than a decade, the group is made up of four musicians who are heavily influenced by such prominent alternative, indie and progressive rock bands like  Sonic Youth, Radiohead and Genesis. These four Frenchmen create a mix of moody prog and alternative rock with an overall moody and pensive vibe. This one is certainly worth a listen especially if you adore Tool and the other bands mentioned above.


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