Exploding into the scene with a heavy pop rock, progressive sound is sometimes enough to get you noticed. Indeed, Death in Texas offers that “look and listen to me” vibe from the very moment that you start up their first song.

We Will Implode EP is their first mini compilation. It contains 4 tracks that work great as a sneak preview into their energetic rock/theatre-like sound. The record was released last July 16, 2011 and is the perfect piece to kickstart a good, happy day. The group is made up of Ruth Searle  on piano and lead vocals; Terry Blake on bass; and Kane Power on drums and vocals. Even though it’s not straightly apparent, they count Muse, Tool, Faith No More and even Radiohead as among their influences.

We Will Implode EP is energetic and whimsical, showcasing much of the bands’ niche sound. They kick start the EP with the title track. It’s a song that infuses pianos, female broadway-like singing and some slightly raucous drums. CC & Dry, follows it up, maintaining good piano work and a slight retro 80s pop sound. Meanwhile, Dancers and Green, cap off the album exhibiting the same theatre/rock feel that’s gotten quite familiar by now.

Overall, the songs aren’t as catchy as I had hoped. Individually, the vocals and instrument work sound great but at times exhibit a slight awkwardness when put together in a song. Of course, there are bright pockets of sunshine on the EP. In the end, it’s not a perfect introduction but it definitely shows promise. Take a listen and see if you like it.

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