ImageSizer is one of the easiest photo tools I’ve used in a long time. It serves a simple purpose of batch resizing your pictures and then either saving them in a folder or compressing to a .zip file. So simple, yet so useful. If you ever find yourself gathering images from across different folders for somebody and you want to have a nice preview of what you’ve collected and then be able to save all of them in a uniform way – ImageSizer is your app. One of the newest features includes the ability to crop your images on a fly (very helpful) and the creator of this nifty tool, James Ford, promises many more to come – like a rotate function, Twitter and Flickr uploading, JPEG file metadata editing and an image enhancing tool.

Here are some screenshots to show you how simple it actually is.

You start by opening the app and dragging all the images you want to include in the batch. Then you configure your output settings = essentially picking a final size & quality of your photographs. Before you compress you can also change the individual file names and even corp the image. The rotate, enhance & metadata options are already in the UI, but not active yet.

If you decide to crop an image, you just click on the Crop button and a new window will pop up. Select the crop area and click Crop Image – that’s it. After you are done with all your adjustments – just hit Compress Your Images and you are almost done. The app will show you a “Working…”

When ImageSizer is done compressing it will show you a screen with two options – save to folder or save to .zip file – pick one and you’re done! Couldn’t be easier!

Congrats to James for a very useful app with a logical user interface. Thanks!

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