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Coin Dozer brings the coin pushing games you see in fairs to the Android and IOS. Published by Game Circus LLC, the concept is pretty simple: you put a coin in the cabinet and try to push the prizes and quarters forward until you get them. Thatís how traditional coin fair games work, and Coin Dozer is their virtual counterpart.


Coin Dozer plays just like traditional coin games but it is much cheaper and more exciting too. The concept is simple but as addictive as an arcade game. When you drop the coins, they bounce just like the real thing and pushes coins and quarters along the way. Your goal is to push coins to a slot in the middle of the cabinet. When that happens, slot machine reels are triggered.

The trigger can drop boxes full of prizes, more coins or do nothing at all. Of course you want to get as many of those treasure box drops as possible without getting too many coins in the cabinet sides. If you have played any arcade game that requires coin pushing, you will know how this goes. In addition, the graphics are very nice and the sound effects really complement the game.

Overall, Coin Dozer is a very enjoyable game, and it is certainly cheaper as you donít have to spend any real coins. It produces a coin per minute so you arenít going to run out of coins here. Even if you havenít played this type of game before, you will definitely have a lot of fun with this one. The concept and gameplay is simple but it is very addictive.

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