Swipe Me Out from Inventain Mobile is a simple but addictive game that’s going to keep you up for a while. Controls are basically limited to swiping but that doesn’t make the game any easier to play. As you might expect from these seemingly simple games, they’re deceptively easy to learn but hard to master.

The game involves a critter who’s trying to escape a dungeon, and when you enter a new room, there will only be a few seconds available to you to find the escape route, otherwise the incoming lava will kill you. What makes the level even more challenging is the exit isn’t always in the same location, so you need to be quick and agile.

Swipe Me Out is an easy game to learn yes, but it’s also going to test your reflexes and how quickly you can think. Once you have a completed a room, the lava flow’s velocity increases. Your responsiveness will definitely be tested when you’re faced with these traps and as the game goes on and your exit options become harder to reach it will be so much more easy to make a fatal error.

Swipe Me Out has coins you can pick up to unlock new critters, and often you’ll get a new critter just by playing for some time, and it’s always nice to get rewards when the challenges get hard. While it’s a simple game you have to focus and give it your attention if you want to make any progress. In spite of the challenges, Swipe Me Out is a fun ride and a good way to test your reflexes.

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