Just in time for Halloween! What could be better than an electronic compilation, featuring 31 songs that serve as a “tribute to all things zombie – from cultural behemoth The Walking Dead (the figurative Star Wars of horror at this point) all the way back to the film that started it all, Night of the Living Dead”. Just the music you play in the background as those trick-or-treating knock on your door.


The compilation comes filled with, what at times reminds me of, 80s synthwave. With a bit of retro flavor it’s a perfect soundtrack after you are done watching your favorite horror movie or a show; it drizzles you with suspenseful sounds, great beats that change from a track to a track.

Hear the Living Dead puts together songs from artists such as Max James, Elevn, Damakles, BLOOD + CHROME, Amplitude Problem, and more. It not only gets you into that fun Halloween mood – it brings some sweet electronic tunes straight to your devices.

As the creator himself wrote “Spread the plague!”

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1. Deadlife – Like Ghosts
2. 20SIX Hundred – Get Out Alive
3. Beckett – Dead Tired, Dead Walk
4. Jon of the Shred – Made to Suffer
5. Damokles – Be Kind To Me When I Turn (feat. Jon of the Shred)
6. Blood + Chrome – Undead Shuffle
7. Amplitude Problem – Supply Run
8. KFDDA – Deadwalk
9. Max James – Death March
10. StarSpawn – Consumed
11. Elevn – Burn Alexandria, Burn
12. Hide and Sequence – All Things Must End
13. Full Eclipse – Torn Apart (Body and Mind)
14. Haven – On the Move
15. Cryocon – Ambush
16. Europaweite Aussichten – Death Waits in the Distance
17. Dashcam – For the First Time It Seems… Bright
18. Python Blue – Undead Interlude
19. Ron Cannon – Life or Death
20. S.T.R.S.G.N. – Discovery on Route 26
21. Titan – Hack, Slash, Kill, Destroy
22. She Said – Hatchet Rampage
23. Speed Machine – Zombie Waves
24. Takahashi Jones – Point of Origin
25. The Storm Is Coming – A Widow’s Ballad
26. Neuron Spectre – Hospital Escape
27. Night Prowler – Walkers
28. The Cosmic Void – AM – PM
29. Ager Sonus – Zombie Horde
30. Fake Stereo – Questioning Reality
31. Lefanu – Life Among Them
32. Vector Assailant – Bringing Down the Dead