Ambient blues rock has a leg up with other genres when it comes to writing reflective lyricism that punches the heart. This intent to hone clear stories into a relaxing yet entertaining fashion is clearly shown in Clare Costello‘s Halloween EP.

Released last December, the five-track EP spins a dark, soulful core that reverberates into a deep and realistic sonic experience.

Home welcomes the ears with low-key drum beats and mild string plucking. Costello’s ambient vocals diminishes and belts out in the right places, eliciting a relaxed, psychedelic high. Though majority of the delivery leans on the ambient department, the song does not loose its blues/rock roots, which is evident in the instruments’ rhythm and tempo.

Kick of your shoes, put your feet up, and enjoy a glass of vino while listening to Collapse. This second track from Costello is the perfect anthem for rejuvenating as effortless, crisp vocals twirls in between perfectly controlled strings and violin harmonies.

A more upbeat track, The Screen goes back to good old folk roots with a hint of spacey, edgy delivery. Press play and listen how each note escalate and crumble at their own natural pace.


Title track Halloween concludes the EP with dark, ambient strings and vocals. Clare Costello establishes her own brand of sound that consists of charming, realized arrangement and powerful vocals.

From a musical and lyrical standpoint, there are surely greater things ahead for Clare Costello. Her unique voice and ability to combine well-loved genres in a fresh new way will surely get her to places.

Track List:
1. Home
2. Collapse
3. By and Bye
4. The Screen
5. Halloween

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