Take a few minutes and watch Oscar-shortlisted film 9 Meter, which is written and directed by Anders Walter and produced by Tivi Magnusson and M&M Productions. Spanning for about 15 minutes, this monumental film has a cumulative emotional effect that draws the audience in and takes them into a dramatic roller coaster ride.

Detrás Del Espejo (Behind the Mirrors)

Detrás Del Espejo (Behind the Mirrors), a gritty and dark crime drama written and directed by Julio O. Ramos, will not disappoint even the most astute film critics. The story revolves around a young husband who works in a sleazy motel with his pregnant wife. One night, a customer leaves behind an unexpected mess


13:59 leaps into a new realm of science fiction. With a power team like Mario Feil and Nino Leitner, this short film will surely play into everyone's fantasy. The story follows a man who finds an unusual pack of cigarettes that was dropped by one of the passengers on the tram in Vienna. The man tries to find the owner of lost item, however upon opening the cigarettes something unexpected happens and he suddenly discovers its true power. It can transport him anywhere.

Doubles With Slight Pepper

Set in rural Trinidad, the movie follows the story of Dhani, a young street food vendor who sells doubles—Trinidad’s famous street food. Days before Christmas eve, Dhani’s estranged father comes home from Canada with a rare illness. The young vendor is now torn if he’ll save the life of the man who left him and his mother.

If I Had a Heart

Warning: this film is not for the fainthearted. If I Had a Heart showcases Korean neon noir at its finest. This revenge film centers around Sam Il, a 29-year-old street fighter who was abandoned at birth by his mother in a coin locker. He has been living his life in extreme violence and isolation, holding only to a note left by his mother: