Take a few minutes and watch Oscar-shortlisted film 9 Meter, written and directed by Anders Walter and produced by Tivi Magnusson and M&M Productions. Spanning for about 15 minutes, this monumental film has a cumulative emotional effect that draws the audience in and takes them into a dramatic roller coaster ride.

The story revolves around Daniel, a young long jumper, who’s determined to set a new record—jump nine meters on the top of two high-rise buildings—believing that his mother, who’s in a comatose, would wake up once he reaches his goal.

One thing that sets this film apart is its gripping narrative that makes you fall in love with the character and share with his determination and frustration.


Through low-key, naturalistic, and controlled acting, the heaviness and drama of each scene penetrates deep within the audience’s skin. What’s beautiful about this short is how it shreds off false pretenses, and instead, gives us meaningful silent sequences. The moments of suspension whenever the character attempts to jump for a new record, especially when he was about to jump in between the two buildings, gives both the biggest cringe and delight.

9 Meter is not just a minor indie short. By banking on a solid narrative, well-established characters, and dramatic scenes, it elevates itself into a must-watch film that leaves an imprint on the soul.

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