If you are a professional photographer (or even a novice one) and you need a program that can help you go through tons of pictures in a short amount of time, Fast Picture Viewer could be your best solution.

Fast Picture Viewer is an image viewing program that helps you preview and rate your digital images faster. The program is very minimal in function and options but it gets the job done without any complications. Fast Picture Viewer is a handy tool for photographers since it will allow them to easily preview images much faster. There are several functional features of the program including instant zooming, copy/paste/delete options and industry approved photo rating options. It is a software that makes it easy to rate bulk images.

This particular download is for a 32 bit option but a 64 bit option is also available. The program has a built in launcher and it also features a very easy to manage interface. It is also possible to hook up your camera and have the program go through the pictures. It works great on cameras like Nikon and Canon that are fully compatible with MTP/PTP transfer protocol.

Some of the great features for Fast Picture Viewer include the ability to switch from fit to window to full screen mode in just one click. It can also detect any new image that you might input in your computer automatically. There is also an embedded metadata writer that works with JPEG files.

The program still offers plenty of benefits for those who want to use it and best of all, it is absolutely free!

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