OpenSong is a simple but very useful software for managing lyrics, chords, lead sheets as well as presenting them during performances or gatherings. Perfect for musicians; this music managing software is available as a free download online.

The program works for a variety of systems including Linux, Windows, and Mac OSX; giving the user great flexibility and convenience when it comes to presenting their music to a crowd or group.

Although it’s useful for any music enthusiast, the program is marketed as a church software since it effortlessly help church choirs and groups present the lyrics or lead sheet to a great number of people all at once. OpenSong is a handy software that contains several neat features. For instance, it automatically transposes the chords into another key that you specify so that you can easily switch from one key to the next depending on your needs. The program also lets you print together regular chords as well as capo-ed chords and provides you with easy access.

Apart from these, it also works great in keeping track of your songs and organizing each one using the song title, name of the artist, time, tempo, signature and even copyright! Users can easily customize the font (bolden, italicized) that’s included in the lyrics sheet.

When it comes to live presentations, the program also offers a ton of great features that you can take advantage of. From background changes, to cuing music to verses of Scripture when using the program in a church setting; you can get all these and more.

As mentioned, OpenSong is available for free download but you can also donate to the makers via Paypal. It is available in a variety of languages like Brazilian, Italian and Spanish. It is not just a great program for use by church groups but even indie/bedroom musicians can easily benefit from this nifty software.

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