Although some people might think that the days of the CD/DVD is going South, there are still in fact plenty of people who use these shiny little round plastics for various purposes.  If you need help setting up a special mix CD or simply need to save data on CD/DVD, then Infrarecorder can help you out with that.

This is one open source software that you can count on when it comes to most of your burning needs. Infrarecorder comes with a simple to use interface that helps you get things done quickly. You can create an audio, video, or mixed mode discs anytime you want. The program has been around for some time and it has become a favorite among those that need to burn data into CDs/DVDs.

It has many good points including the fact that it supports dual layer DVDs and also ISO and BIN image burning. Almost every time, the results come out perfectly without any problems at all. Of course, the program isn’t perfect. Its lack of features regarding burning into Blu-Ray discs or even just HD-DVD can become a letdown. Moreover, even though it has a simple interface, those who are absolute beginners might want to go for a more idiot-proof burning software like Nero instead of this.

However, for those who love to burn their disc manually, then this is the right burning program for you.

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