Exact Audio Copy provides you with almost everything you need to grab and rip audio CDs and convert them  into WAV or MP3 formats. One of the main strongpoints for the EAC is that it comes equipped with new technology, taking audio grabbing to a whole new level. You’ll hardly encounter any errors when reading or grabbing audio CDs since the program easily works with practically any file type. You can even pop in damaged or scratched CDs and there’s a good chance that EAC will read and grab it quite perfectly.

The program was created by Andre Wiethoff, former student of Germany’s University of Dortmund. He developed the program because he was simply “fed up” with other audio grabbers that were available in the market. EAC is offered as a free download so give it a go.

At first glance, Exact Audio Copy might look like a simple and “typical” program. Its interface is very simple, with just one window that features the menu and the tracklist that you’ll be grabbing. Its buttons are easy to find and you hardly need any special skills to navigate through the software.

Changing names or looking up the info for any particular track is made easy as well since it’s clearly displayed in the programs interface.  Though the menu options can easily overwhelm, once you do become familiar with the program’s GUI; it’ll be a piece of cake navigating your way through it.

Keep in mind that the program isn’t a batch converter, so you’ll most probably need to an external encoder for changing the file type to something else other than WAV and MP3 formats. Despite this limitation, the EAC works absolutely flawless with what it does. Another nifty feature is that it lets you choose the songs you want to rip if you don’t want to grab the entire audio album.

Overall, the software is definitely one of the best free audio grabbers around. It’s loaded with helpful features that you’ll find easy to use. Best of all, you won’t have to spend a single dime just to enjoy this software. You can, of course, donate to the program’s developers to help them out.

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