FrostWire Plus is a free, fully featured BitTorrent Client and YouTube/SoundCloud downloader with a built-in Music Library designed specifically for Android devices.

Whaaaat? So what does it do?

FrostWire allows you to find & download any file from the distributed peer-to-peer BitTorrent Network – music, movies, apps, ebooks, images. Any file – no matter how big or small!
In addition, FrostWire is also a cloud downloader – fetching results and downloading files from two main cloud based sources – YouTube and SoundCloud.

You just enter a keyword and search, then pick a file from search results and download the file with one tap. Yes. It is that easy!

Can I preview the files before downloading?

Sure. You can preview all files coming from YouTube and SoundCloud right from the search results. BitTorrent results are a bit different though. The content comes from a distributed network, so there is no one source to fetch it from, making preview technically impossible. Nonetheless, if you tap the download button and go to the Transfers section, you will see that you can play most files as you download, sometimes as early as 10%-20% into the transfer progress.

What about that Music Library?

FrostWire also includes a fully featured Music Library & Music Player. You can play your audio results directly from FrostWire Transfers screen and access all the music files on your phone from My Music tab. You an organize your music library into Playlists, mark tracks as Favorite, view by Genre, Artist, Last Added etc.

What about my other downloads?

You can access all your downloads from the Transfers Screen and tap to instantly open them with your default Android app. FrostWire also includes a simplified media browser – the ‘My Files’ section. It allows you to easily access all your media files on your device – your ringtones, movies, pictures or even documents. You can easily find, open, rename or even delete the files.

How do I get it?

FrostWire Plus is available to download free from You cannot get it from Google Play, as downloading from YouTube is against Google Developer rules.

To Install:
1. Allow Apps from outside Google Play first: Tap on Settings -> Security -> Device Administration or Privacy & check the box next to ‘Unknown Sources’

2. Go to with Firefox or any browser other than Chrome and download the installer

3. Tap on the .apk file from the Android notifications or find it using any File Explorer (we like File Commander). The .apk will usually be in the Downloads folder.

[If you get an error ‘Can’t open file’, you need to download any APK Installer from Google Play first. Most devices come with one pre-installed though]

Here is instructional video:

Promote your music for free

fw plus promoted music

If you have a music band, you’ll love FrostWire. FrostWire shows promoted music on its home screen. That promotion goes to nearly 1 million users a day. The promoted artists didn’t have to pay anything. They just need to license their work under Creative Commons, and send it to FrostWire.

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