Even though it may seem like years ago, there was once a time when grownups and children (back in the day) played a game called Pinball. It was an actual board with holes in it and a metal ball. Kids today might not even have the slightest idea what Pinball is but they might know Neverball.

Neverball is a fun marble freeware game similar to that of Nintendo’s Super Monkey Ball. The game is a fun and excellent way to kill time. Use the mouse to tilt the board and direct the ball through various obstacles. Send it flying in the air, hit or avoid obstacles and obtain coins.The moment you open up Neverball, you will realize that it carries extremely beautiful graphics. The details are superb and even the physics of the game is quite believable.

Objectives for the game is simple enough, you get a limited amount of time to guide the ball to the proper exit. Of course, there will be various obstacles that will stand in your way and make it more challenging. It’s not exactly a game that will work with a run and shoot em tactic but instead it requires patience, planning and finesse in guiding the ball.

Neverball features various levels and different game modes, from easy to challenging. Gameplay is pretty smooth and there are no inherent bugs in the system. Basically, it provides more than what you would normally expect from a free game.

The game is released under a GPL license.  However, Dreamcast also released a version of Neverball under their banner, but then why buy when you can play it free?

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