So here we finally have something for all Windows Mobile users. Penguin is a very casual game set ready for you to enjoy in the spare time. Its certainly not a serious game but more of a fun offering or a children oriented play.

Created by Mike Newman, an individual developer, the game tries to embody a minimalist approach without any glitter and glamour. It can be viewed as a true time-killer at the same time giving birth to a new genre in the mobile gaming world.

In the game, players need to gain maximum momentum and make the penguin fly or dive through various cartoonish landscapes with varied colors for points. Moreover, the controls are very straightforward, no hunky-dory stuff. Just aim, flick and Voila! watch the penguin soar through the skies, land and landscapes.

Penguin features 14 different levels, and like any other game, the difficulty keeps on increasing. So its not as simple as it looks on paper. Also, the developer claims that every level is different. So, if you play level 5 once, the second time, things might change. Well, much does not change, but it surely incorporates a few tweaks.

The competition hungry folks out there would love the incorporation of Global Leader-boards and the additional ability to compete with players worldwide. The leader-board incorporates daily, weekly, and overall top scores for better comparison. Previous users will need to download the latest version 2.1 for Global Leader-board support in-game. The game features some neat music and sound effect, enhancing the gameplay.

Overall, a great time killing game with very minimal usage of the screen and hand. Recommended to anyone who needs a better way to kill-time during commute from point A to point B.

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