Windows Mobile


So here we finally have something for all Windows Mobile users. Penguin is a very casual game set ready for you to enjoy in the spare time. Its certainly not a serious game but more of a fun offering or a children oriented play. Developed by Mike Newman, an individual developer, the game tried to embody a minimalist approach without any glitter and glamour. The game itself can be termed as a true time-killer and give birth to a new genre in the mobile gaming world.


The Android ecosystem is filled with some really interesting apps that increase the productivity by leaps and bounds and UC Browser 8 is an example of this productivity. This particular browser not only delivers a desktop-like experience, but also increases the browsing speed considerably. Developed by UC Web itself, the quality of the app is something to be rest assured off. The developers claim that UC Browser 8 on the Android delivers a true web-browsing experience on a smartphone.