If you are the type of gamer that thinks that game art is equally important as the game itself, then you would definitely enjoy Umbrella Adventures. The graphics is “100% handrawn” in a stylized black and white form.

In the game, you travel all across the forest in search of the mystery behind the theft of more than 100 cakes. It’s a game that provides not only a solid gameplay, but rich graphics and a cool soundtrack. Umbrella Adventures is an exciting platformer game that features funny dialogue and intriguing puzzles to keep you on your toes. Of course, it’s main selling point is that the game is purely hand drawn and definitely doesn’t fail to impress any gamer. The game is not something that you can beat in just a single sitting though. There are countless things that you can explore so you might need to make use of the save button every once in awhile.

Even though the atmosphere of the game seems dark and moody, it’s actually quite lighthearted when it comes to the dialog and gameplay. Speaking of gameplay, the game does offer it’s challenges. For one, there are times when getting to the cake is almost impossible. Some cakes were easy to reach though. There are no available hint options and the controls take time to get used to. Moreover, it’s a big file to download because of the hand drawn animated graphics.

However, I think these are minor compared to the actual pleasure you get from playing the game. It’s a fun, beautifully rendered and challenging game that any platformer freak should have on their list.

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