With Boxycraft, you get a chance to use this little character and maneuver him around. Make him run around, jump and overcome the many different obstacles that come his way. This game has over 10 single player levels and up to 2 players can enjoy and have fun.

If you like physics based games and love a great puzzle or two, then this game will fit right on your list.

Although the game is mainly a physics game, the puzzle portion is mainly the highlight. There is often a straight solution to each level of the game. However, the fun thing is that you can be creative and use the physics to solve the game your own way. Pretty much, the game allows players to enjoy the many ways to use the physics in order to win the game.

The game features great graphics with brightly colored boxes and other geometric shapes that lets players explore possible solutions to each level. Once you enter a particular stage, you will need to finish it since there is no save option. Once you have unlocked a single level, it pretty much remains open.

There will be a Boxycraft 2, but it is available for sale instead of free. If you don’t want to pay just yet or simply want to have a good idea what you’ll be paying for in Boxycraft 2, then go ahead and download this one. For sure, there will be fun times ahead.

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