There are a lot of news readers for the iPad, with most having the same interface. Pulse from Alphonso Labs is different. Itís not just the unique interface; there are also distinct features in this app. When you start this RSS reader, youíll see that it makes good use of the iPadís generous screen.

Navigating the app is pretty easy. News feeds are scrollable. To see more, move vertically. One of the nice things about Pulse is the pictures, ideal to liven up your news reading. News items can be read in web or text version. In portrait view, the entire screen will be reserved for reading. In landscape view, stories can be read side by side and a new feature lets you keep track of stocks.

Pulse is a free app and you can use it to read news and blogs. But the app can also be used to subscribe to fee-based news services like the Wall Street Journal. But the Premium Content is strictly optional; you donít have to pay anything to use the app. You can adjust the subscription options in the Account Settings.

News pages are displayed on a white background, so you wonít have any problems reading the material. Pulse is ideal for those people who canít live without news. If youíre busy the whole day, it offers a quick way to remain up to date.

Pulse has another advantage over other news readers; news items are stored on your device, so you can read them even without an Internet connection. Contents can be saved and synced with Evernote and Instapaper. Aside from featuring reliable news sources, new publishers are highlighted often.

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