Gentle yet compelling, Metro by Jacob Wyatt is a beautiful animation that will take you to surreal worlds and parallel universes.

This four-minuter student film at the Bringham Young University shows the adventure of a girl through the city’s underground passageway as she follows a mysterious fox that snatched her metro ticket.

Wyatt certainly has a handle on his craft. He makes good use of soft tones, watercolor visuals, and subtle pacing to evoke a feel-good and heart warming emotion. The selective framing and composition abstracts adds texture to the short, adding spice to a linear narrative.

Also, another major element to the short is its music. The gentle cooing piano gives an elegnat and delicate atmosphere. It transports you to a universe of the young girl where every little thing, even riding the metro, is one great adventure.

Overall, Metro is a delightful piece of animation that reminds us that there is beauty in subtleness, grace, and artistic control. Jacob Wyatt has succeeded in creating a silent masterpiece where the character is in body language and narrative is in visuals.

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