Amplify your ears with groundbreaking folk rock tunes by listening to Parking Lot EP by The Accidentals. This new collection from the female-fronted trio aims to weave stories that tell the journey of maturity and coming home.

Hailing from Traverse City, MI, the up-and-coming-band has honed their music since 2011 while still in high school. The Accidentals is the brainchild of Katie Larson and Sav Buist, who together, create a fresh take on well-loved folk melodies. In 2014, Sav and Katie added multi-instrumentalist Michaeld Dause on drums and percussion. The trio toured around the country to play along big names in the indie scene such as Joan Baes, Arlo Guthrie, Keller Williams and Carbon Leaf.


Parking Lot EP is the confluence of the members’ talent and years of experience playing together. With musical influences such as Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Black Keys, St. Vincent, Sarah Jaffe as well as an upbringing of jazz and classical music, expect nothing but the best from The Accidentals.

The album opens with title track Parking Lot, a funky folk rock medley that’s punctuated with powerful female vocals and some lovely guitar strings. There’s a sense of the band putting a spin on well-loved sonic forms but still maintaining familiarity to the ears.

Next stop is Sixth Street. Here, The Accidentals channels the perfect anthem to camp-side bonfires and road trips with playful ukulele strings coupled with saccharine vocals.

Epitaphs explores the magic of young romance through well-penned lyrics that whistles in between gentle-laden strings. Listen as the trio creates a balance between nuggets of love notes and kicks of folk pop.

The album’s best melody lies in the violin-soaked arrangement of Michigan and Again, where The Accidentals pauses and flow to deliver self-referential verses of love and coming of age.

Parking Lot EP is a folk-driven collection that utilizes stratas of strings and wordplay to paint scenes of childhood with just words and melodies.

Track List:
1. Parking Lot
2. Sixth Street
3. Epitaphs
4. The End
5. Turn The Wheel
6. Michigan and Again
7. Parking Lot (featuring Rick Chyme)

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