Take the chill pill as Manj by Joomanji take you in a laid-back journey of hiphop and solid beats. Created for over two years, the album showcases an artist’s revolution and shifting pallets throughout the years.

Laced with sounds of trumpets that are mixed with samples of birds chirping on the background, Somethin’ Out Of Nothin sets the right amount of chill vibes to relax your soul.

Chasin Rhymes features some lounge arrangement that are fused with vinyl sample chops. Featuring Saara Maria‘s enthralling voice, this piece embodies a perfect marriage of hip-hop and soul.

In Spread Too Thin, subtle trumpets and beats slowly blooms and sets in the ears. Lindsay Olsen‘s airy and soothing vocals fluidly envelopes the listeners in a trance, where soul musings, beats, and samba influences play in perfect harmony.

Where Are You (Love For JL) also features the serene voice of Lindsay Olsen. This time, her vintage-sounding vocals are laced with jazz infusions and steady drum beats that are perfect for a laidback evening.

Teeming with 13 tracks, Manj by Joomanji is an album that plays with the beauty of subtlety and rhythm. Whether you’re daydreaming or just relaxing, listening to this album is a great way to recondition your body and mind.

Track List:
1. Somethin’ Out Of Nothin (Feat. Saara Maria)
2. Chasin Rhymes (Feat. Saara Maria)
3. Bustin Loose (Feat. Austin & Saara Maria)
4. Divided (Feat. Carlitta Durand)
5. Chasin (Afterlude) (Feat. Saara Maria)
6. Around The World (Feat. Austin, Chris Young The Rapper, & Arielle Deem)
7. Sweet Music (feat. Saara Maria)
8. Impediment
9. Free (Feat. Aisha Daniel & Te-Diggs)
10. Spread Too Thin (Feat. Lindsay Olsen) (Remastered)
11. Toasted (Feat. Devin The Dude)
12. Where Are You (Love For JL) (Remastered) (Feat. Lindsay Olsen & Copasetic)
13. Chasin Rhymes (Instrumental) (Feat. Nick Bianchini)

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