Take talented artists Le’Asha Julius and Caleb Eherhardt and a knack for writing good music. Arm them with 90’s sound, hip-hop, and jazz, and you’ll get Quincy Vidal—a musical duo that celebrates and embraces all musical style.

Formed in summer of 2010, the duo’s debut album, The Cookin’ in Brooklyn LP, gained many comparisons to old school artists like Digable Planets and A Tribe Called Quest while maintaining its own unique sound. The duo has already collaborated with Kendrick Lamar (T.D.E.), Astrenautalis (Doomtree), Trevor Hall, uhlife, and Chazz Giovanni.

Sentimental Moods is their second album released last November 2012. Packed with 15 tracks, the duo maintains their consistency with jazz while creating a smoother, grown, and hip vibe.

Title track Sentimental Moods sets the album in motion with a combination of funky piano keys, slow beats, and lo-fi strings. This two-minuter introduction welcomes our ears with Quincy Vidal’s distinct sonic brand.


Saturday Morning takes on a yin-yang perspective—vintage jazz sounds plays hand on hand with smooth, chill hip-hop. While Fly (ft. Kahiem of the Universe Project) promotes easy listening as an assortment of percussion instrument drives the senses to a state of calmness.

In Sentimental Moods, Quincy Vidal has married two musical genres, creating pleasurable melodies for the soul.

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