Cool anime samples, hot beats, and pink “waifus”. That’s the vibe that French Future Funk producer Moe Shop brings to the table with their EP, Moshi Moshi.

Moe Shop gives a certain spin to the Future Funk world. It has a very energetic vibe, leaning towards the Future side of the genre. It almost has sounds similar to J-Pop, but those kicks and snares are still laid over funk samples that will make you dance like you’re in an animated music video.

After the success of their EP Pure Pure, Moe Shop released Moshi Moshi around 7 months later to the same critical acclaim. The EP expands on aspects that made Pure Pure a success and even includes features from popular rapper Hentai Dude and Future Funk producer Android52. The format for both Eps is similar; They’re both under 20 minutes with concentrated amounts of Future Funk grooves. They both contain intros and outros that set the theme of the EP. And they both have covers that scream “moe”.

moe shop moshi moshi 2

Moe Shop often streams live producing sessions on Twitch and is very active on Twitter and Soundcloud, often posting tracks of varying genres to alternate accounts; Keyboard Kid, moemoemoe, and tsun dealer. So get in touch with a funkier version of the animated world and download Moshi Moshi today.

Track List
1. Intro
2. Pretty Please
3. Superstar (w/ Hentai Dude)
4. Dance Dance (w/ Android52)
5. Crosstalk
6. Love Me
7. Outro

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