Brain Puzzle FREE courtesy of game developer Zariba, brings together a collection of classic puzzle games for the iOS and Android. Unlike other puzzle apps that only provide you with one puzzle type, and thus get old pretty quickly, there are lots here in Brain Puzzle FREE to challenge your brain and yes, have fun.

Numerous types of puzzle games are available here, and with familiar themes like looking for a concealed object, matching items together, as well as numerous games that will challenge and improve your memory. One of the most interesting games is Tilt and Go, whereby you tilt your iOS or Android device in the direction the ball needs to go. This sounds easy enough but the trick is getting through the maze.

Another challenging puzzle here is Pentagrammon, where you have to link the dots with making a single break. Seems simple enough, but you canít lift your fingers off your device and you canít go over dots youíve gone through already. You will also like Exotic Animals, an addictive game that will have you tapping blocks to match the images of animals.

Whatís really nice about Brain Puzzle FREE is that all your favorite puzzles are in one game, so you donít need to download them separately. Aside from the challenge, it sports 3D graphics and cool sound effects.

Brain Puzzle FREE is fun and challenging, ideal for players of all ages. If youíve played these classic puzzles before, youíll love the way the developer updated them for mobile. And if youíve never been into mind games before, this will definitely get you into it.

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