Shuriken Ninja is a puzzle game in which you set up to control a ninja whose mission is to take out the different targets that are popping up on screen. Created by GeekWorks LLC, your weapon for hitting those targets are your shuriken throwing stars and your environment is hundreds of levels that we about to challenge you every step of the way.

Four gaming modes are available including Round Challenge and Single Star. In Single Star you are equipped with only a limited number of throwing stars to eliminate the targets, while Round Challenge takes place in multiple levels. Your goal here is to target specific objects before time runs out. If you succeed you will move on to the next level. As you advance, the levels become more challenging and difficult.

The game controls are easy; you just tap the screen to hurl your shuriken. Note that the shuriken will penetrate wood surfaces but not metallic ones. The default settings are fine but if you want to tweak them go to Settings where sound effects and music are covered. While there are more than a hundred levels in Shuriken Ninja, an in game level creator was added so you can create an unlimited number of levels in the game.

Bottom line: if you like ninja themed puzzle games you will like Shuriken Ninja. The graphics are very nice and game play is pretty smooth as well. The music and sound effects also add a lot to the game and certainly add to the atmosphere. And since you can now create more levels, playability is extended.

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