Ninjump Rooftops from game developer Backflip Studios is a nice little side scrolling game that harkens back to the classic days of gaming. While the style is retro the gameplay is still very enjoyable and immersive. You are a ninja who has to jump across a series of rooftops while dodging enemies. It sounds a lot of fun and it is.

You’re not defenseless while running though because you can use jump attacks against your enemies while dodging obstacles along the way. Fortunately the controls are easy to grasp. All you need to do is tap on your mobile device’s screen to jump. The longer you hold it down, the longer the jump will be.

The gameplay couldn’t be simpler too as it is just a side scrolling game, kind of like an endless runner except it scrolls on the side. However, the game visuals are very nice and in 3D. Once the game starts you’ll be running and jumping and grabbing those coins to purchase power ups for that extra leap. You should also look out for those magnets that will draw coins to you. There’s also a blue rocket somewhere that can rescue you if you fall.

Besides running, some levels of Ninjump Rooftops will require you to grab coins over a specific amount of time, run for a certain length and so on. If you complete the challenges, you can also find a lot of other bonuses while you are running and jumping, and you can earn currency to upgrade your character’s clothing, adding a bit of customization for this fun game.

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