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Secunia Personal Software Inspector (Psi) won’t just provide information about the software installed on your computer, but this software from Secunia will also provide links to updates for those applications on your computer that need updating. While the program performs complex functions, it is very easy to use.

The Secunia Psi interface has a very simple design and relies on text to relay the instructions. Users can choose between a Simple and Advanced Layouts. If you choose the Simple layout, basic information such as the status of the programs in your computer will be displayed. Plus it will also come with a chart that will show the security status, and it will also display any error messages that appear.

If you do see an error message there, just click it and Secunia will walk you through the program patching process. If you chose the Simple layout, the more complex updates will not be included here.


The Advanced tab on the other hand, offers more options and tabs you can configure. Secunia checks a lot of different programs including Adobe Flash and XML. In addition, the program will check for system critical updates and install them. The program will also mark programs as Patched, Insecure, or End of Life, while reported threats are also marked.

Secunia can scan your entire system for updates, and depending on your computer, may take a while or several minutes. When the scanning is complete, Secunia will begin the updating process. The End of Life tab meanwhile, provides a toolbox where you can access the Add/Remove Programs. In spite of all its features, the program is very easy to use and does its job well.

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