DropIt for Windows is a small utility that you can use for organizing your files. Courtesy of the DropIt for Windows development team, it will get rid of the hassle that often comes with opening folders and searching through them. You can set up DropIt to perform a number of functions like move, copy, delete, rename and more.

DropIt can also perform other functions on your folders such as Change Properties, Copy to Clipboard, Create Shortcut, create Playlist, Send by Mail, Upload, Open With and a lot more. In short it can do just about everything you want as far as file management is concerned.

You can also use this program and filter files by content, properties, date, size, name or folder. It is also possible to save associations in profiles and link them to a particular folder.


Another nice feature is you can drag folders and files to the DropIt image, after which it will arrange them into destination folders, extract or compress them. Or you can use it to open programs that you have associated or perform other tasks.

Because the software supports drag and drop, file management is very easy and the process is quick as well. And if you are the type who has to manage a lot of files and folders, then you will really find its filtering option useful. The fact that it can monitor folders too is another nice feature.

Other features of DropIt are support for multiple languages, command line and even profile encryption. Not only can you manage your files easily, but you can even protect them with a password.

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